Product ideas are overrated, execution is underrated

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Image by author — The inspiration behind the name “Hippokite.”

But what’s even more underrated than execution is getting started on a product idea—any idea—to practice how to execute.

Many entrepreneurs fall into the trap of taking a long time to pick the best idea to work on. …

This is part 1 of a multi-part series in which I tell the story of how I left the corporate world and a six-figure salary to pursue becoming an entrepreneur.

In the past, I’d never left a job without another one lined up. I’d never even taken a vacation between…

You know how they say a startup is about solving a problem before running out of money?

Well, they missed the part about running out of energy. I’ve been a solopreneur for 19 months now and I’ve found the scarcest resource to be my energy.

While you may be able…

It’s leaking.

I’m talking about the funnel in your LinkedIn profile.

In fact, it’s probably leaking right now: you’re getting profile views but they’re not converting to as many paid clients as you’d like.

Gif of water leaking from bench

The good news is this 10-minute post covers the best LinkedIn profile tips for the following…

There’s a lot of fluffy content out there about how to craft a personal brand story. And I haven’t seen enough people use principles and frameworks from building startups to build personal brands.

So here’s a comprehensive post on how to think about and craft the best personal brand story…

Don’t make these mistakes if you want to protect your psyche as an early entrepreneur and avoid setting yourself back by a few months.

GIF of Alice in Wonderland looking into a multi-coloured broken mirror

Exactly 12 months after quitting my job as an innovation product manager, I reflected on three *big* mistakes I made.

1. I quit my job with the goal of starting my own company.

I naively set aside a year…

“I’m going to self-publish my first book during a global pandemic!” said no one. Ever.

But before I get into the nitty-gritty of why I wrote the book, how I wrote it, the mistakes I made and why that darn chicken crossed the road… I’ll share the stack I used to self-publish my book, The Making of Product Managers.

My product stack

My LinkedIn profile
Image by author

I used to think that my work experience was just a collection of my past jobs. I just assumed that my work experience was disjointed because I’d worked in a variety of different roles and industries. …

This is a free sample story from my book The Making of Product Managers.

Negar studied marketing in university and later worked as a Marketing Executive at a professional association. Then she decided to acquire technical skills in web development to get closer to the product development process. …

This is a free sample story from my book The Making of Product Managers.

It is unusual that Michael’s first brush with product management was during his master’s degree in systems design engineering. After his master’s degree, Michael discovered that he no longer wanted to be an engineer. He spent…

Lena Sesardic

Product manager turned solopreneur, self-published author & freelance writer. Writes about PM, entrepreneurship, LinkedIn marketing & personal branding.

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